LaMetric Time uses basic authorization for simple access to the device via API. Authorization header consists of word “dev” as user name and API key as a password.

Authorization: Basic Base64(dev:api_key)

Steps To Get an API Key

There are 3 steps you should do to get API key.

Step 1. Authenticate on the Cloud

Please refer to the Cloud API Documentation / OAuth2 Authorization on this subject.

Step 2. Get API key for the device from the Cloud

Once authenticated please use GET API to get list of user’s devices.

You should get something like this:

    "id": 18,
    "name": "My LaMetric",
    "state": "configured",
    "serial_number": "SA150600000100W00BS9",
    "api_key": "8adaa0c98278dbb1ecb218d1c3e11f9312317ba474ab3361f80c0bd4f13a6749",
    "ipv4_internal": "",
    "mac": "58:63:56:10:D6:30",
    "wifi_ssid": "homewifi",
    "created_at": "2015-03-06T15:15:55+02:00",
    "updated_at": "2016-06-14T18:27:13+03:00"

You can find device API key in api_key property.

Step 3. Store API key and use it in every API request

Now store the API key in secure place and use it to authenticate each API call to device.

3.1 Concatenate “dev:” and api_key:


3.2 Encode using Base64:

base64(dev:8adaa0c98278dbb1ecb218d1c3e11f9312317ba474ab3361f80c0bd4f13a6749) = ZGV2OjhhZGFhMGM5ODI3OGRiYjFlY2IyMThkMWMzZTExZjkzMTIzMTdiYTQ3NGFiMzM2MWY4MGMwYmQ0ZjEzYTY3NDk=

3.3 Use in HTTP header: